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This is my personal blog so it's of multiple fandoms. I'll most likely just reblog everything I love around tumblr. Thus, due to my wide range of likes, this blog is probably going to be all over the place.


the other day we were discussing dating and this one dude was like “I don’t see the big deal why can’t people just ask people out without all the fuss” and another guy was like “well you get nervous and you get butterflies in your stomach ya know” and the first dude looked the other dude straight in the eye and said “DIGEST THEM.”

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I not sure when I last made a dress like this; it’s been a while. 

Gonna be up for sale soon for those who like it.


theory: the Original Snow Queen was the one who granted (or cursed) Elsa with Ice powers. Queen Mother was lost in a wintry forest for awhile when she chanced on the Snow Queen, who conveniently was also looking for an heir to pass on her powers and become the new Snow Queen.

Partly inspired from the fanfiction 'Born or Cursed'  by TwiddledSpire. I’ve actually had this headcanon/theory for a long time now, and one of my speculation for the Plot of Frozen’s sequel is that there will be an enemy with magical powers of sorts, trying to invade Arendelle. In this case, maybe Elsa can ask the original snow queen for help…or somehting. i dunno, it’s just a nice idea

Snow Queen’s design taken from early Disney Pre-Frozen concept sketches 

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No but get this.

New!Apple’s face seems paler, but their arms seem the same.

I had an old Apple and then returned her and accidentally bought a new Apple because she was cheaper. Dammit. I like old Apple better. 

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why no one is talking about this:


or this:


basically, we French have the chance to watch mini movies made by a fruit juice company that parodies the Marvel movies before the movies starts in cinemas and it’s actually really funny (with so much fruits puns omg). Just thought I’d share.

videos XX

"pour sauver le monde, il va devoir se bouger le jus" omfg ahahahahahaa